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How to Prepare for a Presentation: Reading Answers

IELTS General Test – Passage 08: How to Prepare for a Presentation reading with answers explanation, location and pdf summary. This reading paragraph has been taken from our huge collection of Academic & General Training (GT) Reading practice test PDF’s.

Reading Passage 08

How to Prepare for a Presentation

The first time your boss suggests that you formally present something to your department or a client, your reaction may be to panic. But remember that being asked to present is a compliment. Someone believes that you have valuable information to share with the group, and wants to listen to your ideas.

You need to decide exactly what you will say during the allotted time. Condense your topic into one sentence. What do you want your audience to remember or learn from your talk? This is your ‘big idea’. Remember that you are dealing with the short attention spans of individuals who tend to have many things on their minds.

Think of three main points you want to make to support your overall topic. Develop a story to demonstrate each of those concepts. This could be something that happened to you or someone you know, or something you read in a newspaper or magazine.

We have all heard the saying A picture is worth a thousand words. Think about how your presentation can be more interesting to watch. Props are a wonderful way to make your talk come alive. You could do something as simple as holding up a toy phone receiver when talking about customer service or putting on a hat to signal a different part of your talk.

Think of a dynamic and unusual way to start your presentation. This might involve telling anecdotes that relate to your topic. Never begin with, Thank you for inviting me here to talk with you today! You will put your audience to sleep right away. Start off enthusiastically so they will listen with curiosity and interest. After your energetic introduction, identify yourself briefly and thank the audience for taking the time to listen to you.

Plan your ending, and finish in a memorable way. Your listeners remember best what they hear at the beginning and end of a speech, so conclude with a game in which they can participate, or tell a humorous story and your audience will leave laughing.

Don’t try to memorise your talk or read it word-for-word. It will sound stilted and boring, instead, practise your dynamic introduction and conclusion until you can deliver them effortlessly. If you do this you’ll feel a burst of confidence that will help you sail through the whole of the speech.

Questions 21-27

Complete the sentences below.
Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 21-27 on your answer sheet.

How to Prepare for a Presentation

•  You should regard an invitation to speak as a 21 ……………………….. .
•  Express your main idea in a 22 ……………………….. .
•  Try using a 23 ……………………….. to support the major points you are making.
•  Add visual excitement to your talk by using 24 ……………………….. .
•  Express appreciation to your listeners for their 25 ……………………….. .
•  A 26 ……………………….. will get the audience to interact.
•  It is important to prepare well as this will increase your 27 ……………………….. .







How to Prepare for a Presentation Answers

Check out How to Prepare for a Presentation reading answers below with explanations and locations given in the text.

21. compliment
22. sentence
23. story
24. props
25. time
26. game
27. confidence

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