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IELTS Writing Agree/Disagree Essay Topics [Task-2]

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IELTS agree/disagree essay types are commonly asked topics in Writing Task – 2. For these type of questions you can either agree or disagree with the statement, or you can adopt a balanced approach.

In this lesson, you will learn how to write a band 7+ answer using THREE sample questions and their model answers. We will adopt the following structure which has proven to be the most suited for agree or disagree essay questions. Practice this structure on the PDF version of the IELTS Writing Task 2 answer sheet.

  1. INTRODUCTION (Choose an opinion; whether you agree or disagree?)
  2. BODY PARAGRAPHS (Write relevant ideas with examples to support your viewpoint)
  3. CONCLUSION (Summarise your writing and provide a logical conclusion)


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write at least 250 words.

Essay Topic #1 – Euthanasia

Euthanasia or Mercy Killing is the need of modern life. Do you agree or disagree?

Give relevant ideas in support of your point of view.

Euthanasia refers to the practice of ending life in a manner which relieves the pain and suffering of the living being concerned. It is also called ‘Right to die’ or ‘Physically assisted suicide’. Personally, I do not agree with this statement. This essay will provide rationale behind my stance on this moot issue.

Nowadays medical science has taken major strides in the cure and treatment of diseases. So, there is hope that in the near future, cure for Cancer and AIDS would be possible. Due to better palliative care available, euthanasia is unjustified. We must have a positive bent of mind; who knows when the condition of a severe patient can get get improved?

Moreover, we do not have firm evidence reinforcing the belief that a person’s request to die is genuine, rational and voluntary. In industrialised nations, whole family system is singing the swan’s song. Nobody has any time to attend a patient who is more of a headache than a responsibility. All near or dear ones are in a haste to get rid of the patient. In developing countries, the condition is no less painful. Poverty and drudgery force people towards using mercy killing as a tool to get a good riddance from the old and the ill. Hence, it is not justified that euthanasia delivers salvation for a person.

In conclusion, the cited evidence propose a word of caution – euthanasia should not be regularised. In fact, it should only be used as a last resort under strict regulations. A team of specialised doctors should be constituted to which can take the final decision.

No of words: 267

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Essay Topic #2 – Sedentary Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle has become sedentary. Many people believe that sedentary lifestyle is the mother of all diseases.

Do you agree or disagree? Write relevant examples to support your position on this.

Modern era is the era of machines. Robots, now, perform many duties starting from mopping the floor to flying an aeroplane. This, in turn, resulted into heated debate that sedentary style of living is the grass root cause of plethora of diseases. Personally, I completely agree with this notion due to following reasons.

Firstly, I think that humans need some leisure time to ponder over more serious issues. But the irony of the fact is that people have started over-relying on machinery. Automation tools rendered men workless, which has eventually given birth to vast majority of diseases. For example, sedentary lifestyle is one of the top causes of death and disablement in today’s world. It leads to obesity, which in turn burden us with physical, social, psychological and emotional problems.

Secondly, I am of the view that machine should be used as a tool, not an end-point. It should not make us handicapped. As it is said,” the more you grind your body, the more it shines”; hardworking with minimal help of modern technology is the need of the hour. Reducing our time of sitting before television or computers. is a standout example of countering sedentary living. In this respect, we have to be very clear about drawing a line between passive entertainment and active recreation.

In conclusion, mundane lifestyle is unquestionably one of the most prevailing and worrying aspects in current society. Time has come that we should now come out of our ivory-towers and experience the real life. Participation in social welfare activities is an efficacious cure of the problems created by sedentary lifestyle.

No of words: 281

Essay Topic #3 – Non Violence

Some people say that non-violence has lost its relevance in the modern world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give examples to strengthen your point of view.

Non-violent behaviours has become a seemingly ubiquitous part of our modern culture. Some people think that non-violence is irrelevant in the present era. Personally, I disagree with the notion and hold firm and unflinching faith that non-violence is the only panacea for the world wounded by violence. This essay will examine the viewpoint and provide rationale behind my stance on this.

To begin with, violence has become a thing of the past. Adolf Hitler’s idea of violence stands no validity today. Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace, has made it crystal clear that everlasting solution could only be brought by the use of non-violence. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa have confirmed the relevance of non-violence with their deeds. The acts of cruelty could not tame the strong will of these leaders.

Furthermore, non-violence is like a torch light breaking the palls of darkness. The nations originated from violence can not tread a peaceful path. However, non-violence provides sufficient scope of thinking and re-thinking. The modern world problems are looked at calm mind and solutions are reached at with love and affection, not bigotry. For example, a pilot study conducted by University of Toronto demonstrated that half of our modern world problems could be solved if countries work in coherence, showing regard to one another. Such solutions have the potential to bring an everlasting peace.

In conclusion, it would raise no eye brows if we say say that victories attained through peace and non violence alone are real triumphs. So, let us discard violence and spread peace in every nook and corner of this modern society.

No of words: 278

I hope you learnt well about band 7+ structures and vocabulary for these IELTS Writing Task – 2 Agree/Disagree Essay Topics.

All the best !

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