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Kenichi Software: Reading Answers & PDF

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IELTS General Test – Passage 02: Kenichi Software: Security Guidelines for Staff reading with answers explanation, location and pdf summary. This reading paragraph has been taken from our huge collection of Academic & General Training (GT) Reading practice test PDF’s.

IELTS reading module focuses on evaluating a candidate’s comprehension skills and ability to understand English. This is done by testing the reading proficiency through questions based on different structures and paragraphs (500-950 words each). There are 40 questions in total and hence it becomes extremely important to practice each and every question structure before actually sitting for the exam.

This reading passage mainly consists of following types of questions:

  • Fill in the blanks

We are going to read about the Security policy of a software company. You must read the passage carefully and try to answer all questions correctly. 

Kenichi Software: Security Guidelines for Staff

It is in everyone’s interest to maintain a high level of security in the workplace. You should immediately challenge any person who appears to be on the premises without proper authorisation, or inform a senior member of staff about any odd or unusual activity.

Company Property
You are advised that it is within the company’s legal rights to detain any person on the grounds that they may be involved in the unauthorised removal of company property. The company reserves the right to search staff members leaving or entering the premises and to inspect any article or motor vehicle on company property. It is a condition of employment that you submit to such action if requested.

It is in your own interest to ensure that you have proper authority before removing any item of company property from a company building. Any member found removing company property from the building without proper authority will be subject to disciplinary action.

Identity Badges
You will be issued with an identity badge, which should be worn at all times when you are on company premises. The purpose of  these badges is to safeguard our security. Badges are issued by  Human Resources, and contractors and people visiting the company on a one-off basis are also obliged to wear them.

Confidential Matters
In the course of your work, you may have access to information  relating to the company’s business, or that of a supplier or customer. Such material, even where it appears comparatively trivial, can have a serious effect on the company, supplier or customer if it falls into the wrong hands. It is, therefore, essential that you should at all times be aware of the serious view the company would take of disclosure of such material to outsiders.

You must treat as confidential all information, data, specifications, drawings and all documents relating to the company’s business and/or its trading activities, and not divulge, use, or employ them except in the company’s service. Before you leave the company, you must hand over to your manager all private notes relevant to the company’s business, activities, prices, accounts, costs etc. Legal proceedings may be initiated for any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of such confidential information, whether during employment or afterwards.







Questions 15–20

Complete the sentences below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 15-20 on your answer sheet.

15.  If you see anything suspicious, you should report it to a ……………… employee.
16.  If the company wants to stop you and ……………… you, you have to agree to it.
17.  If you take things belonging to the company without permission, you will face ………………
18.  Staff, ………………. and visitors must all wear a badge on company premises.
19.  You must not pass on confidential information to ……………… .
20.  If you leave the company, you have to hand in any ……………… you have made on matters concerning the company.


Check out Kenichi Software: Security Guidelines for Staff reading answers below with explanations and locations given in the text.

15. senior
16. (to) search
17. disciplinary action
18. contractors
19. outsiders
20. (private) notes

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