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Personal Computers Available For Public: Reading Answers

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General Test (GT) – Passage 06: Personal Computers Available For Public to use reading with answers location, explanation and pdf summary.


• 2 personal computers are available, for a fee of $5.00. There is also an ink jet printer attached to each terminal. The library has a number of commercially available programs for word processing and spreadsheets.

• A4 paper can be bought from the desk if you wish to print your work. Alternatively you can bring your own paper. If you wish to store information however, you will need to bring your own floppy disk.


Because of high demand, a maximum of one hour’s use per person per day is permitted. Bookings may be made up to three days in advance. Bookings may be made in person at the information desk or by phoning 8673 8901 during normal office hours. If for some reason you cannot keep your appointment, please telephone. If the library is not notified and you are 15 minutes late, your time can be given to someone else. Please sign in the visitors’ book at the information desk when you first arrive to use the computer.

Please note that staff are not available to train people or give a lot of detailed instruction on how to use the programs. Prior knowledge is, therefore, necessary. However, tutorial groups are available for some of the programs and classes are offered on a regular basis. Please see the loans desk for more information about our computer courses.

Questions 14-20

Read the passage about personal computers on the following page and look at the statements below (Questions 14-20).

In boxes 14-20 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE if the statement is true

FALSE if the statement is false

NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

14. There are two computers and two printers available for public use at the library.

15. You can buy floppy disks at the information desk.

16. The information desk is closed at weekends.

17. It is essential to reserve a computer three days in advance if you want to use one.

18. If you are more than a quarter of an hour late, you could lose your reservation for the computer.

19. Library employees do not have detailed knowledge of computers.

20. The library runs courses for people who want to learn about computers.


Check out Personal Computers Available For Public to use reading answers below with locations and explanations given in the text.


14. TRUE
18. TRUE
20. TRUE


If you want the pdf summary of Personal Computers Available For Public to use reading passage, please write your email in the comment section below. We’ll send it across at the speed of light.

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