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General (GT) Test 1 – Passage 03: CLUBS FOR STUDENTS reading answers with location, explanation and pdf summary. This reading paragraph has been taken from our huge collection of Academic & General Training (GT) Reading practice test PDF’s.

IELTS reading module focuses on evaluating a candidate’s comprehension skills and ability to understand English. This is done by testing the reading proficiency through questions based on different structures and paragraphs (500-950 words each). There are 40 questions in total and hence it becomes extremely important to practice each and every question structure before actually sitting for the exam.

This reading passage mainly consists of following types of questions:

  • Match the following
  • True/False/Not Given

We are going to read about some world famous social and cultural clubs. You must read the passage carefully and try to answer all questions correctly. 


There are a variety of Clubs which provide social and cultural activities for those wishing to meet others with similar interests from the same or from different national backgrounds.

A. Commonwealth Trust

Organised discussion meetings, learned talks, cultural events excursions to places of interest and invitations to major British diary events Open to overseas visitors and students.

B. Charles Peguy Centre

French youth centre providing advice, support and information to young Europeans aged between 18-30. Facilities include an information and advice service regarding education, work placement and general welfare rights. Moreover the centre holds a database of jobs, accommodation and au pair placements specifically in London. Members may use a fax machine a copier and computers for CVs.

Hours – Monday: 14.00-17.00 Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-17.00 Membership: £35 per year, plus £5 per month.

C. Kensington Committee of Friendship for Overseas Students

KCOF is the society for young people from all countries. Each month there are some 40 parties, discos, visits to theatres, concerts, walks and other gatherings where you will be able to meet lots of people. A new programme is sent each month directly to members (£5 to join in October, less later in the year). Events are free or at low often reduced prices. Office open 10.30-17.30 weekdays only

D. Royal Overseas League

Open 365 days per year, this is a club with facilities in London and Edinburgh with restaurants, bars and accommodation.

There are branches around the world and 57 reciprocal clubs world-wide. Quarterly magazine, literary lectures, annual music and art competitions, and summer and winter programme of events for members. Membership fees overseas students aged 1724 £47 per year + initial joining fee £23.50; others £70 per year + initial joining fee £35 (half price after July). Further information from the Membership Secretary.

E. YMCA London Central

Facilities include photography art drama, pottery, language courses, badminton, squash, exercise to music, circuit training, sports clinic, fitness testing and other activities.

Hours weekdays 07.00-22.30, weekends 10.00-21.00. Membership fees: aged 16-17 £25 per year plus attendance charge of £1 30 per visit; aged 18-19 £213 per year; aged 2025 £366 per year

F. London InterVarsity Club (IVC)

IVC is an activities and social club with a varied range of events, from cycling and drama to windsurfing and yoga. Most members are young English professionals, but overseas visitors are welcome. The club arranges restaurant meals, dancing and parties, weekends away around Britain, plus a weekly club night in a Covent Garden bar. There are usually over 25 different events every week run by IVG members for IVC members. To find out more, telephone the club or write (Freepost) to the office.

G. Central Club

Provides accommodation and club facilities. No membership fee. Coffee shop open for all meals swimming pool (open 06.00), multigym, hairdressing salon.

Questions 15-21

Look at the article Clubs for Students. Which club would you contact for each of the requirements below? Write the appropriate letter A-G in boxes 15-21 on your answer sheet. You may use each letter more than once.

15. You would like to take Spanish classes.

16. You want to join a club that has international branches.

17. You would like an opportunity to speak in public.

18. You would like to take part in amateur theatrical productions.

19. You want to visit some famous sites with a group of other students. You are interested in finding out about part-time work.

20. You want to meet some English people who have started their careers.

Answers with Explanation

Check out your CLUBS FOR STUDENTS reading answers below with location and explanation given in the text.

QuestionsTaskSkills tested
15-21Matching (requirements to clubs)• skimming/scanning for specific information
• understanding paraphrase
• making inferences
22-29True, False, Not Given• skimming/scanning for specific information
• distinguishing between what is clearly stated and what is not stated.
• understanding paraphrase and gist

Questions 22-29

(Suggested approach)

• Read the task rubric carefully. Note that you have to make a judgement about the list of statements.

• Note the difference between information that is false (i.e. the passage says the opposite) and information that is not given (i.e. not stated in the passage at all).

• Read question 22. This statement is about overnight accommodation.

• Scan the paragraph headings for a reference to accommodation. The first heading is “Accommodation”

• Skim through this section of the text to see if there is any information about how long you can stay at the club for. At the end of the section it states: “long and short stays welcomed”. So the answer to question 22 is True.

• Repeat this procedure with questions 23-29.

QuestionAnswer & Location of answer in text
22T“long and short stays welcomed”
23F“You can join the Club … for up to one year at a time.”
25TGist of last part of Membership section.
26T“Thanks to the support of STA travel … International Students House now provides the services of an International Students Adviser.”
29F“… the club will be offering reduced accommodation rates for students wishing to spend a few days in London over Christmas.”
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