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Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others – Cue Card

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In Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Follow-ups, You should answer the following questions:

  • Who this person is?
  • What does he/she like to cook?
  • Who does he/she cook for?
  • Explain why he/she enjoys cooking.

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Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others Model Answer

Please be aware that you will be speaking for one to two minutes on the topic – Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others. You will have one minute to prepare your thoughts. Therefore, it is advised that you create a list of bullet points outlining the things you plan to cover.


Cooking is an amazing thing, especially when it brings joy to others. Let me introduce you to a wonderful person whose cooking skills are truly special. She doesn’t just cook because she has to; she cooks because it’s her way of making people happy. I believe it’s her superpower—whenever she’s in the kitchen, she creates dishes that light up faces and bring smiles to everyone around.

Who this person is?

Julia is like a magician in the kitchen. She’s unlike someone who makes meals; she’s someone who pours her heart and soul into everything she cooks. For her, cooking is more than a hobby – it’s a way of connecting with people and showing them love through her food.

What does she like to cook?

Julia is incredibly versatile. She dives into various cuisines, from traditional family recipes to trying out new and exotic flavours. But her real passion lies in baking delicate pastries and creating homemade pasta from scratch. Her desserts are to die for, and her pasta dishes are just amazing!

Who does she cook for?

Well, pretty much everyone lucky enough to know her! Julia loves sharing her food with family, friends, and even neighbours. Whether it’s a small gathering or a big celebration, she ensures that her dishes grace the tables of those she cares about. Her belief is that good food brings people together.

Explain why she enjoys cooking.

What Julia finds most rewarding is seeing the happiness her food brings. She’s thrilled when people take that first bite and their faces light up. For her, it’s not only about making meals; it’s about making people happy. Cooking is her way of expressing love and creating lasting memories through shared experiences.

Concluding the cue card

Julia’s kitchen isn’t just a place for making food; it’s where happiness is cooked into every dish. Her meals are not only tasty; they’re made with love and care. She’s a true example of how cooking can be more than just a skill—it’s about spreading joy, forming connections, and making every meal a delightful experience.


Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others Follow-ups

Here are some probable follow-up questions that could be asked by your IELTS Speaking examiner on the cue card topic – Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others:

1. What do we need to prepare when we need to cook?

There are a few things that we need to prepare beforehand. When you’re getting ready to cook, gather up all the ingredients you’ll need, like the food itself, spices, fresh produce, and things like meat or cheese. Get all the tools you’ll use too, like pots, pans, knives, and mixing bowls.

Then, read the recipe carefully and prep your ingredients by cutting, measuring, and organizing them. Remember to keep things clean, follow safety rules, and make sure you have space to work. And if you need to change the recipe or use different ingredients, plan for that too.

I strongly think that being ready before you start cooking helps things go smoothly and makes it easier to create a yummy dish!

2. Do you agree that food is an important part of Indian festivals and ceremonies?

Definitely! Food is a super important part of Indian festivals and ceremonies. It’s not just about eating; it’s about celebrating culture and being together. During these special times, families cook special dishes that have a lot of meaning and tradition. This food brings everyone closer, making the celebrations more special. It’s a way of showing love and sharing happiness.

Food is also offered to gods during some festivals, showing gratitude and respect. As a whole, I agree that it’s a way of keeping traditions alive and bringing people closer.

3. Which dishes are a must at festivals?

During Indian festivals, certain yummy foods are a must-have. For sweets, there are treats like ladoos, barfi, and gulab jamun that are super popular. Then, there are savoury snacks like samosas and pakoras that people love to munch on. Some festivals also feature special dishes like biryani or puran poli. These foods bring a lot of joy and flavour to the celebrations, making them even more special.

4. Should students learn to cook at school?

Learning to cook in school is awesome. It’s not just about making tasty meals; it’s a big help in life. When students cook, they learn to eat healthier and become more independent. It’s like learning a cool skill that helps with budgeting and managing time. Plus, cooking is fun and lets students be creative with food. It also helps them understand different cultures through the yummy dishes they make.

5. Do you think cooking should be a compulsory or an elective course? Why?

Making cooking a must-learn for everyone can help everyone eat better and be more independent. But some students might really love cooking and want to learn more about it. So, having both options is cool. If everyone learns basic cooking, it’s good for everyone’s health.

But if someone’s super into cooking, they can learn more about it as an extra class. That way, everyone gets the basics, and those who love cooking can dig deeper into it.

6. Are there any differences between cooking today and in the past?

I think that cooking today is pretty different from cooking in the past. Nowadays, we have more types of food available all year round because we can get ingredients from all over the world easily. Plus, our kitchens have cool gadgets that make cooking faster and easier, like microwaves and online recipes that show us how to cook almost anything.

People today also care more about healthy eating and often mix different flavours and cooking styles to make new dishes. Even though things have changed a lot, some folks are getting interested in old-fashioned cooking again while still trying out new stuff.

So, cooking today is a mix of tradition, new ideas, and lots of tasty possibilities!

So, that’s all you need to say in the Describe A Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others Cue card to get a band 7+ score in the IELTS Speaking exam.

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