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Describe A Party That You Enjoyed – IELTS Cue Card

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In Describe A Party That You Enjoyed IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Follow-ups, You should answer the following questions:

  • When and where the party was held?
  • Who attended the party?
  • What kind of party it was?
  • What did you do at the party?
  • Explain why you enjoyed this party.

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Describe A Party That You Enjoyed Model Answer

Please be aware that you will be speaking for one to two minutes on the topic – Describe A Party That You Enjoyed. You will have one minute to prepare your thoughts. Therefore, it is advised that you create a list of bullet points outlining the things you plan to cover.


Parties are fun, but weddings are extra special! I want to tell you about a wedding party that I’ll never forget. It was more than just two people getting married – it was a big, happy gathering of family and friends. Everyone was so happy, and there were lots of traditions and joyful moments that made it really special.

When and where the party was held? & Who attended the party?

The wedding party I’m excited to talk about took place a few summers ago in a beautiful garden venue. It was a sunny afternoon in June, and the setting was breathtaking with vibrant flowers and decorations everywhere. The guest list was quite extensive, comprising close family members, relatives, friends, and colleagues of the bride and groom. There were people of all ages, from young children to elderly relatives, adding to the lively atmosphere.

What kind of party it was?

It was a traditional yet vibrant ceremony followed by a joyous reception. The entire event was a blend of cultural rituals, heartfelt vows, and lively festivities where everyone came together to celebrate the union of the couple.

What did you do at the party?

At the party, I did a lot of things! I watched the couple get married, which was really beautiful. Then, we all had yummy food from different places. There was a big dance party where everyone was dancing and having fun. I also got to meet new people and talk with friends and family. It was a happy time full of laughter and celebration.

Explain why you enjoyed this party.

I had a blast at this party because it was just so happy! The couple getting married was really sweet, and everyone was smiling and having a great time. Plus, the food was yummy, and dancing was a total blast. But what I liked the most was being with all my friends and family. We were all laughing and enjoying ourselves together, which made it super awesome. It felt like a day where everything was perfect and full of love.

The best part was feeling all that happiness in one place. I made some great memories, especially dancing and chatting with everyone. It was like a big, happy family reunion with lots of love and joy around. That’s why I’ll always remember this party as one of the best times I’ve had!

Concluding the cue card

Parties like this one, especially weddings, hold a special place in our hearts. They’re not just about the celebration; they’re about creating memories that last a lifetime. This particular party was a beautiful blend of love, laughter, and togetherness.

It reminded me of the incredible joy that comes from being surrounded by the people you care about, celebrating a significant moment in their lives. It’s these gatherings that leave a mark, reminding us of the power of shared happiness and the warmth of connections forged through celebrations.


Describe A Party That You Enjoyed Follow-ups

Here are some probable follow-up questions that could be asked by your IELTS Speaking examiner on the cue card topic – Describe A Party That You Enjoyed:

1. Why do people like parties?

Parties are like a special break from everyday life. They’re a chance to have a blast with friends and maybe even make some new ones. You’ve got music playing, games to dive into, and a dance floor ready for your best moves. They’re a celebration, whether it’s for a birthday or just a get-together, where everyone can relax and have a good time.

2. Why do some people not like going to parties?

For some people, big parties can be overwhelming. They might prefer quieter settings or hanging out with just a few close friends. Some might not enjoy the hustle and bustle of lots of people, loud music, or the pressure of socializing with strangers. It’s all about personal preference and what makes someone feel most at ease and happy.

3. Do you think those who tend to stay at home are less healthy than those who often attend parties?

Not necessarily! Health isn’t solely determined by social activities like parties. While attending parties might provide some social interaction and joy, staying at home doesn’t automatically mean someone is less healthy.

Physical health involves various factors like diet, exercise, sleep, and overall lifestyle choices. Some people prefer quieter settings or have different ways of socializing, like spending time with close friends or family in more intimate settings. They might focus on different aspects of health, like getting enough rest or cooking nutritious meals at home.

Social interaction is essential, but the quality of social connections matters more than the quantity. Both staying at home and attending parties can contribute to health in different ways, and it really depends on how individuals balance various aspects of their lives.

4. Do you think music and dancing are a must at a party?

Not really! Though they’re common and add to the fun at many gatherings, some parties skip them altogether. The vibe often depends on what the host and guests prefer—parties can be enjoyable with or without music and dancing, as long as everyone is having a good time.

5. What would you do if you were disturbed by a neighbour’s party?

If I were bothered by a neighbour’s party, I might start by trying to politely talk to them about the noise. Sometimes people don’t realize how loud they’re being. If that didn’t work or if the noise was too much, I might consider talking to other neighbours or contacting local authorities or the building management if it’s a recurring issue. I think staying calm and respectful while addressing the problem is usually the best approach.

6. What are the differences between holding a party at home and in a public place?

Parties at home often have a cozier, more intimate vibe. You have control over the space, can set the atmosphere, and it’s usually more relaxed. Plus, you’re in a familiar environment, which can make guests feel comfortable.

Public place parties offer more space, maybe better facilities, and less worry about cleanup. They can be more versatile for larger groups and might offer amenities like a dance floor or professional catering. However, they might lack the personal touch and privacy of a home setting.

Each has its perks—it really depends on the occasion and what kind of experience you’re aiming for!

7. Do children like to party?

Absolutely! Kids generally love parties because they’re like treasure troves of fun—filled with games, treats, and hanging out with friends. It’s a chance for them to dive into a world of excitement, maybe with their favorite themes like superheroes or magical adventures. Parties for kids are like hunts for joy and creating awesome memories with their buddies!

8. Do adults like to party?

Certainly! Many adults enjoy parties as well. While the style and activities might differ from kids’ parties, adults often look forward to social gatherings, celebrations, or events where they can unwind, socialize, and have a good time. Parties for adults might involve conversations, music, dancing, good food, and sometimes even games or themed events. It’s a chance for them to relax, connect with friends, or meet new people in a more festive atmosphere.

9. Do you like loud music at parties?

I don’t have preferences, but I understand that loud music can be enjoyable for many people at parties. It often adds to the energetic and lively atmosphere, making dancing more fun and creating a vibrant mood. However, some might prefer quieter settings or lower volumes to chat comfortably. It really depends on individual tastes and what creates the best party vibe for everyone attending.


So, that’s all you need to say in the Describe A Party That You Enjoyed Cue card to get a band 7+ score in the IELTS Speaking exam.

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