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Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time – IELTS Cue Card

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Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time / Describe something you did in your spare time during childhood IELTS Speaking Cue Card and follow-ups, You need to answer questions such as:

  • When it was?
  • Where were you?
  • What did you do?
  • How you felt about it?

Read Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time/ Describe something you did in your spare time during childhood IELTS Cue Card sample answer given below, and carefully observe the usage of band 7+ vocabulary in the model answer and follow-up questions.


Free time is when all my daily responsibilities have been over and I am “free” to do things that I enjoy doing. Most of the time, I watch television. I make sure to complete my errands before my favourite TV shows, which air at specified times.

But today, I’d like to discuss the time when I finished my graduation and had a few months of free time before joining the work circle.


When it was?

My examinations had just ended, and it was the month of April 2022. Before I joined the work organization, I had about three weeks to live freely.

I had nothing else to do while I was waiting for the occasion. Additionally, after putting my brain all into studying, I was tired and needed a break.

Where were you?

So I spent three weeks in Goa, along with my younger sibling.

What did you do? & How you felt about it?

Goa is known as a party enjoyment destination, and all of its bars, clubs, and beaches—especially those in North Goa—eventually transform into large-scale celebrations. So the place put me in the correct frame of mind because of the fantastic music, beverages, performances, and atmosphere.

Besides this, there are many casinos and other gaming establishments in Goa, so I thought why shouldn’t I try my luck at winning big? Unfortunately, lost a bit of cash, but the fun was worth having.

Another thing that I did in Goa was discover its magnificent beaches. I indulged in sunbathing, water sports, sundown parties, and much more.

All of these things, in my opinion, improved my attitude toward life, and I remember feeling fantastic at the time. My physical and mental health has definitely improved.

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Concluding the cue card

To mark the end of this cue card, I would just like to say that, at home, I would spend my spare time watching TV or playing sports. I also realized the value of time, and I believe that rather than wasting it by doing nothing, one should make rules on the use of their free time.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Goa was a welcome change.

To-do things to enjoy your free time

Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time/ Describe something you did in your spare time during childhood Follow-up questions

Here are the follow-up questions that may be asked on the IELTS Speaking cue card topic ‘Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time/Describe something you did in your spare time during childhood’:

What do people in your country like to do when they are free?

People in India love spending their leisure time on activities like shopping, attending events, hanging out with friends, playing video games and utilizing social media, texting, watching movies, reading, and visiting parks or beaches.


In their free time, people engage in a variety of activities. The majority enjoy engaging in gossip with one another or communicating via phone or social media. Nowadays, the majority of people listen to music or view movies on their mobile devices anytime they have free time.

Do you think parents should make plans for their children?

It is true that parents should prepare plans for their children since if they are left unattended, they will become bored and could possibly cause trouble for others. If their parents plan their time well, youngsters can also learn a lot.


Yes, the parents should definitely plan for their child. But make sure that the parents’ contribution to planning should be reduced with their children growing.

For example, a baby who is only 6 months old cannot pack for a trip to the park and cannot organize the itinerary. A 16-year-old should be allowed to decide whether they want to visit the park in the first place and whether it is a good idea to pack a lunch and a beverage.

Do you think most people are able to manage their free time?

Nowadays, I believe that most individuals have very little spare time, therefore they do not consider how to manage it. These days, everyone is extremely busy, and few people have time to unwind, so when they do, they want to do nothing.


I don’t think people can manage their spare time in the present times. Some people find it difficult to see the value of leisure at all. These people prioritize productivity to the point where they are unable to enjoy downtime, frequently at the expense of their mental health. They frequently work in high-stress, high-paying industries.

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What is the difference between the things people did in their free time in the past and the things they do nowadays?

When individuals had spare time in the past, they mainly engaged in gossip. Today, however, people have access to a variety of gadgets that keep them occupied.


Even though some of them haven’t changed, the free-time activities that young people used to partake in in the past are very different from those in the present. People used to spend more time outside of their houses because there weren’t as many video games, computers, televisions, or vidiogames available as there are today.

Plus, they spent a lot of time with their friends, and on the weekends when they had money, they would visit the movies. But since we are accustomed to getting the new movies we want to view on the Internet, we barely ever go to the movies anymore.

Something I used to do in my spare time during childhood

Final Thoughts on IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic

I hope it gives you some realistic idea on how to carry a conversation around Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time/ Describe something you did in your spare time during childhood IELTS Cue card topic.

If you still need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.


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